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Through the years, Ranks has acquired an extensive Western American History book list. Browse through our hard-to-find, rare books for sale by opening the PDF file below. Please call to order at 1 (800) 494-5442.

For fastest viewing: download the PDF by RIGHT-Clicking the link and selecting the 'Save as' option.

PDF of Books

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 Calico Chronicle   Calico Chronicle
Calico Chronicle is the source book for teachers, students, historians, customers, reenactors, or history buffs searching for costume history of the Texas Frontier and the American West--an area which has had scarce documentation, verbal or visual. Author Betty J. Mills has fitted together priceless pieces of the past found in excerpts from letters, diaries, oral histories, historic journals, and even police blotters, to compile an account that reveals much about the lifestyles of frontier women. Paperback, 191 pages. 
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 The History Of Underclothes   The History Of Underclothes
Underwear--practical garments with a utilitarian function or body coverings that serve an erotic purpose? As this fascinating and intelligently written study shows, the role played by underclothing over the last several centuries has been a varied one. In a well-documented, profusely illustrated volume combining impressive scholarship with an entertaining, often humorous style, two distinguished clothing historians consider undergarments worn by the English over the past 600 years. By C. Willett and Phillis Cunnington. Paperback, 266 pages. 
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 Five Centuries of American Costume   Five Centuries of American Costume
The first comprehensive survey of the evolution of wearing apparel in the Americans, this profusely illustrated volume focuses on more than 500 years of clothing styles, from animal hides worn in the nineteenth century to tailored suits for both sexes in the mid-twentieth century. An indispensable recourse for fashion historians, costume designers, and artists, this intriguing volume is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the development of clothing styles. By R. Turner Wilcox. Paperback, 207 pages. 
 $12.95  Buy Now 
 Everyday Dress Of Rural America, 1783-1800   Everyday Dress Of Rural America, 1783-1800
Everyday Dress of Rural America, 1783-1800. With instructions and patterns, by Merideth Wright. Students and enthusiasts of period costume as well as needleworkers interested in recreating authentic costumes of America's post-Revolutionary era will welcome this comprehensive, scholarly treatment. It not only discusses and describes the clothing worn in rural American between 1783 and 1800, it is one of the few books to include scaled drawings of patterns and full instructions for making most of the garments discussed. Paperback, 113 pages. 
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 English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century   English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century
The magnificent array of ladies' fashions that characterized the century are on display in this remarkably complete decade-by-decade overview. Drawing almost exclusively on contemporary sources--fashion magazines, newspapers, rare period photographs, memoirs, Victorian novels, periodicals and other publications, as well as firsthand observation of actual garments--the author describes and explains the couture that evolved in response to changing social conditions, technological innovations and cultural developments. Over 1,100 line and tone drawings and photographs depict hundreds of outfits ranging from lovely morning dresses and starkly attractive riding outfits to elegant carriage costumes, opulent evening dresses and exquisite bridal gown. By C. Willett Cunnington. Paperback, 460 pages. 
 $29.95  Buy Now 
 Accessories of Dress   Accessories of Dress
Accessories of Dress, an illustrated Encyclopedia. Drawing upon a vast number of historical sources, the authors of this useful reference have created an entertaining account of the forms of personal adornment men and women have used throughout the ages to enhance their wearing apparel. To help tell the story of accessories - from hats, veils, and pins to gloves, garters, and walking sticks - the writers have incorporated drawings of illustrations taken from rare books and magazines, photographs of original paintings and sculptures, and authentic observations by commentators on fashions of their times. By Katherine Lester and Bess Viola Oerke. Paperback, 587 pages. 
 $34.95  Buy Now 
 Victorian and Edwardian Fashion A Photographic Survey   Victorian and Edwardian Fashion A Photographic Survey
Since the invention of photography there has not been a history of fashion completely illustrated by photographs--until this one. Photography historian Alison Gernsheim first studied Victorian and Edwardian fashion in order to be able to date photographs in her collection. Of course the photos soon proved to be the best of all fashion plates--authentic, detailed, as decorative and charming as top fashion illustration. When united with identifications and descriptions of the chief costume articles, and a commentary that includes childhood memories of the period, the resulting history is doubly indispensable--equally useful and delightful to serious and casual readers. Paperback, 104 pages. 
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 Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques   Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques
At the turn of the century, ladies of privilege could easily afford their own dressmakers, and even middle-class housewives occasionally employed competent seamstresses. But many women did their own sewing, often relying on Dressmaking, Up to Date, a how-to book published by the Butterick Publishing Company. First published in 1905 and widely considered the first modern American sewing book, this extremely rare volume is published here complete and unabridged. This Butterick manual provides clear and concise instructions for altering patterns, hand sewing stitches, and creating shirt-blouses, skirts, wedding and evening gowns, coats, jackets, maternity wear, undergarments, bathrobes, children's clothing, and many other articles of apparel. Edited by Kristina Harris. Paperback, 128 pages. 
 $12.95  Buy Now 
 80 Godey's Full-Color Fashion Plates 1838-1880   80 Godey's Full-Color Fashion Plates 1838-1880
The first American women's periodical of significance, Godey's Lady's Book provided its avid 19th-century readers with monthly installments of exquisite hand-colored plates featuring the latest fashions from Paris. Eighty of these superb illustrations appear in this volume, selected by fashion authority JoAnne Olian from issues of Godey's published between 1838 and 1880. The striking array of costumes offers a panoramic view of evolving styles--from early Victorian outfits featuring wide sleeves, smoothly fitted bodices, and bonnets, to late Victorian confections displaying the fashionable bustle and elegantly trimmed with pleats, ruffles, and lace. Meticulously reproduced to retain every detail of form and color, the plates--each featuring several costumes--depict a rich variety of Victorian garments, including dresses, gowns, coats, cloaks, riding and walking attire, as well as accompanying accessories: hats, shoes, scarves, jewelry, parasols, and more. Edited by JoAnne Olian. 
 $22.95  Buy Now 
 A Dictionary Of Costume And Fashion   A Dictionary Of Costume And Fashion
While most of us would have little difficulty in recognizing a buckle, hem, or seam, we might be considerably more challenged if asked to identify a godet, a trilby, or a vamp. With this handy book at your fingertips, however, you can find the definition of over 10,000 words associated with wearing apparel and fashion. In addition, over 950 clearly detailed illustrations depict stitches, weaves, laves, garments, collars, shoes, jewelry, hair styles, and other sartorial features. By Mary Brooks Picken. Paperback, 397 pages. 
 $17.95  Buy Now 
 Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring Techniques   Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring Techniques
This classic 1901 guide to cutting ladies' tailor-made garments provided professional dressmakers with a wealth of useful information. One of the reasons seamstresses found it invaluable was the special attention paid to "small waists," "large front hips," and the "corpulent form." Further enhanced with a new introduction by fashion authority Kristina Harris, this volume will prove indispensable to anyone attempting to recreate authentic clothing for costume parties and theatrical productions. The book will also be of great interest to students and enthusiasts of costume history. By S.S. Gordon, with a new introduction by Kristina Harris. Paperback, 186 pages. 
 $16.95  Buy Now 
 An Ear In His Pocket   An Ear In His Pocket
An Ear In His Pocket, the life of Jack Slade. Jack Slade stood over the lifeless body of Jules Beni and reflected on his oath to wear one of Beni's ears on his watch guard. This would be Slade's final revenge for the six times Jules shot him with a revolver and for the sadistic shotgun blast Beni thought sure would finish him. Jack pulled his knife from it's scabbard and cut off Beni's ears. This single barbaric act would assure Joseph Alfred "Jack" Slade's place forever in the history of the American west. By Roy Paul O'Dell & Kenneth C. Jessen. 122 pages. 
 $9.95  Buy Now 
 Slade! The True Sory Of The Notorious Badman   Slade! The True Sory Of The Notorious Badman
The Truth and the myth about the notorious Slade, the most feared man in the Old West. By Bob Scott, 222 pages. 
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 Henry Plummer   Henry Plummer
Henry Plummer a historical novel. Sheriff and outlaw Henry Plummer needed no introduction to the citizens of Montana Territory in the mid-nineteenth century. And well into the twentieth century, Frank Bird Linderman sought out the stories of the people who knew about Plummer's life, but it was rejected by publisher after publisher. They felt that it showed too much fidelity to historical truth for a public increasingly enamored of western dime novels. Eighty years later, Linderman's lively interpretation of one of Montana's most enduring legends is being published for the first time. 
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 A Tenderfoot in Montana   A Tenderfoot in Montana
A Tenderfoot In Montana. Reminiscences of the Gold Rush, Vigilantes and the birth of Montana Territory. Frank Thompson's Lively memoir details his experience in the upper Missouri country at the beginning of the Montana gold rush. A young man at the outset of the Civil War, Thompson supported the Union cause but realized that military life was not for him. Turning to the frontier, he headed west aboard a steamboat from St. Louis in 1862, arriving at Fort Benton, in what would later become Montana Territory. Thompson also formed a relationship with controversial sheriff Henry Plummer. Thompson vividly describes one of the deadliest incidences of vigilante justice in U.S. history. By Francis M. Thompson, Intorduced by Kenneth N. Ownes. 292 pages. 
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Decent Orderly Lynching The Montana Vigilantes   A Decent Orderly Lynching The Montana Vigilantes
The deadliest campaign of vigilante justice in American history erupted in the gold camps of the Rocky Mountain during the Civil War, when a private army hanged 21 troublemakers, including rouge sheriff. Hailed as great heroes at the time, the Montana vigilantes are still revered as founding fathers who brought order to law. Combing through original sources, including eyewitness accounts never before published, award-winning journalist and historian Frederick Allen concludes that the vigilantes were justified in their early actions, as they fought violent crime. By Frederick Allen. Hardcover, 421 pages. 
 $34.95  Buy Now 
 Montana's Righteous Hangmen The Vigilantes in Action   Montana's Righteous Hangmen The Vigilantes in Action
This is the story of Montana Territory in the last half of the nineteenth century, when a massive influx of gold seekers brought murders and robbers into the region and forced the creation of an organization of law-abiding citizens known as the Vigilantes. Led by Captain James Williams, the Vigilantes sought to stop the blatant activities of more than fifty road agents in the Bannack- Virginia City mining area, who were secretly directed and protected by a local sheriff, Henry Plummer. The first instance of taking the law into their own hands occurred when as impromptu group of men captured, tried, and hanged one notorious killer, George Ives. Thereafter, with public approval, the Vigilantes continued to ride across the land, bringing swift retribution to all wrongdoers. By Lew. L. Callaway, Forword by Merrill G. Burlingame. 233 pages. 
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 The Vigilantes of Montana   The Vigilantes of Montana
Gold, land, jealousy, and murder-all play a role in this classic tale of the Montana Territory. From dance hall women of "easy virtue" to masked highway desperadoes, The vigilantes of Montana vividly portrays the rough beginnings of Montana's mining-camp society, when the will of the people could lead without warning to speedy public trials and hastily arranged executions. Originally written in 1864 as a vindication of the Vigilantes who hanged the notorious Sheriff William Henry Handy Plummer and his band of road agents, this new edition features a foreword by prominent Western historian R. E. Mather. Was Sheriff Plummer a corrupt lawman, or a victim of overzealous crusaders? Was Thomas Dimsdale an objective observer, or a secret member of the Vigilantes with a one-sided story to tell? Mather addresses these issues and offers new insights into the controversy behind the legend. Foreword by R. E. Mather, 235 pages. 
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 Vigilante Days and Ways   Vigilante Days and Ways
Riders in the night....impromptu "trials"... corpeses dangling form cottonwood trees and makeshift scaffolds... When the Outlaws called themselves "innocents," and their leader masqueraded as the respected sheriff... Before formal law enforcement arrived on Montana's gold frontier, a few good men tried to restore order themselves. At first they succeeded, but than they went too far. Here is one insiders version of the story. By Nathaniel R. Langford. 350 pages. 
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 English Children's Costume 1775-1920   English Children's Costume 1775-1920
Late in the eighteenth century, the apparel worn by English children began to look different from that worn by their elders. The reason, says writer James Laver in his introduction to this book, is that someone finally realized children were different! (A child of the period could hardly play comfortably dressed like his father in periwig, long coat, and sword.) This engaging book traces those changes, with illustrations depicting styles at five or ten-year year intervals, from 1775--when distinctive costume for children first made its appearance--to 1920. Each attractive and interesting drawing is accompanied by a concise description. Paperback, 86 pages. 
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 Your Vintage Keepsake   Your Vintage Keepsake
Your Vintage Keepsake, A CSA Guide to Costume Storage and Display. From family heirlooms to vintage purchases, almost everyone has some treasured article of clothing or accessory worthy of preservation. The choices that you make in storing objects will determine not only their longevity but also their future value. This concise guide will help protect your vintage keepsake. By Margaret T. Ordonez. Paperback, 30 pages. 
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 Tracks That Speak   Tracks That Speak
This charming book invites us to look at North America through Native American eyes and to imagine a 10,000-year epoch that brought civilization to the continent long before Europeans set sail across the Atlantic. The words left behind by that epoch encourages us to link that legacy both to our national identity and to our collective future. By Charles L. Cutler 
 $14.00  Buy Now 
 Etienne Provost Man of the Mountians   Etienne Provost Man of the Mountians
The events of (Provost's) life represent a looking glass into the total history of the Rocky Mountain fur trade. It would have been very difficult to find a person closely associated with the beaver trade in the American west who did not know Etienne, but considered him one of the outstanding individuals of that era. From Santa Fe and Taos to the remote valleys of the Rocky Mountians and the executive offices of the giant fur companies in St. Louis, his name was known and recognized as one who knew and understood every facet of the business. By Jack B. Tykal. Paperback, 225 pages. 
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 Black, Buckskin and Blue   Black, Buckskin and Blue
"In Black, Buckskin, and Blue, Art Burton agian gives voice to the African-American experience in the American West. Burton's flesh and blood narrative of scouts and soldiers is sure to entertain and enlighten readers."--B. Byron Price, Executive Director Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Harback, 286 pages. 
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 Mountain Man   Mountain Man
A classic in American West literature and the inspiration for Robert Redford's portrayal in the classic film Jeremiah Johnson. It was already said of him, by other mountain men, and would have been said by eagles and wolves, if they could talk, that his sense of sight was that of the falcon; of smell, that of the wolf. By Vardis Fisher. Paperback, 351 pages. 
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 Men's Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century   Men's Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century
This splendid sourcebook offers fashion historians, students of costume design, and collectors of Americana a total fashion picture of what upper-middle-class American men were wearing in the early 1900's. Over 100 full-page, sharply detailed black-and-white illustrations have been selected and meticulously reproduced for the present collection. Selected and with an Introduction by Jean L. Druesedow. Paperback, 102 pages. 
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 Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework   Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework
It was quite fashionable among the ladies of Marie Antoinette's court to employ stilettos and punches for parfilage. They unpicked the gold and silver threads from the richly embroidered material of their gowns and cloaks. A set of bone bobbins was found in England with the Lord's Prayer spirally incised phrase by phrase along each bobbin's lenght. A clever French inventor designed a pair of scissors with 18 different uses -- screwdriver, nail file, cigar cutter, ruler, lid pryer, button holer adjuster -- to name just a few. These and many other artifacts and instruments of sewing, weaving, and spinning are considered from an historical, cultrual and antique collecting point of view. By Gertrude Whiting. Paperback, 357 pages. 
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 Early American Embroidery Designs   Early American Embroidery Designs
Brimming with nearly 200 timeless, functional designs, this priceless sourcebook ranges from highly stylized repeat patterns, to more realistic floral bouquets, to traditional patterns for cutwork edgings, to large-scale motifs suitable for crewel embroidery. You'll find miniature baskets (a popular motif of the day) and dainty leaf patterns, planned perhaps for a petticoat or waistcoat. Other lovely designs are ideal for embellishing the collar or cuffs of a favorite dress, adding an elegant touch to linens, curtains, undergarments, tablecloths, etc. By Elizabeth M. Townshend. Paperback, 42 pages. 
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 Hats A History of Fashion in Headwear   Hats A History of Fashion in Headwear
This remarkable book presents an illustrated view of 2,000 years of head coverings. Over 800 drawings by the author--adapted from rare paintings, sculptures, and illustrations--accurately depict headgear in various aspects, including gender, class, and nationality. Crown, wigs, tiaras, and helmets appear among the varied forms of headdresses, which include conical leather caps worn by the Danes 70 B.C.; metal Viking helmets with horns; feathered Flemish berets (1410); petite straw hats, adorned with a rosette and ribbons (1870); handsome English top hats (1957); as well as ecclesiastical regalia, traditional and ethnic styles, and hats and head adornments from far beyond the European shores. By Hilda Amphlett. Paperback, 237 pages. 
 $18.95  Buy Now 
 Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book   Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book
A unique fashion image developed in mid 19th-century American reflecting the influences of Queen Victoria, the court of Napoleon III and American adaptations of European designs. Many of the stylish silhouettes that emerged from this spirited era are still admired today. Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book presents a fashion parade of authentic ladies' and children's styles from the most influential women's magazine of the period -- Gody's Lady's Book -- which presented both original fashions and adaptations from European publications. Edited and with an Introduction by Stella Blum. Paperback, 91 pages. 
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 The Saga of Hugh Glass   The Saga of Hugh Glass
"There is no story like it in all literature and in all history. The greatest and truest hero of all time was once a buckskin man living on the American frontier. Mr. Myers has done a fine job of scholarly research. He offers many new insights as to the true charatcer of the mountain man. And the bibliography is alone worth the price of admission."--Frederick Manfred, Chicago News. By John Myers Myers. Paperback, 237 pages. 
 $14.00  Buy Now 
 Tough Trip Through Paradise 1878-1879   Tough Trip Through Paradise 1878-1879
In the summer of 1878, little did I know what fate had in store for those men I had been traveling with, or how lucky that we went our separate ways. Now, except for Beaver Tom, I was alone in the broken country between the Sweet Grass and Musselshell..... Tough Trip Through Pradise grew out of a manuscript left by Andrew Garcia on his death in 1942 after a long and colorful life in Montana. Bennett Stein acquired the manuscript and edited it to tell Garcia's story of the 1877 war between the U.S. government and the Nez Perce people, the end of the buffalo herds, and other historic events in Western life. Paperback, 409 pages. 
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 Jim Bridger Mountain Man   Jim Bridger Mountain Man
Even among the might mountain men, Jim Bridger was a towering figure. He was one of the greatest explorers and pathfinders in American history. He couldn't write his name, but at eighteen he had braved the fury of the Missouri, ascending it in a keelboat flotilla commanded by that Stalwart Mike Fink. When he was only twenty, he had discovered the Great Salt Lake. Later he was to open the Overland Route, which was the path of the Overland Stage, the Pony Express, and the Union Pacific. He remains one of the most important scouts and guides in the history of the West. 
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 Bloomingdale's Illustrated 1886 Catalog   Bloomingdale's Illustrated 1886 Catalog
Fashions, dry goods and housewares. In the spring and summer of 1886, a popular New York department store advertised it's wares in a finely illustrated catalog featruing everything from clothing, accessories and housewares, to jewelry, leather goods, school supplies and dry goods. This excellent reproduction of that now-rare Bloomingdale Brothers catalog provides fascinating views of approximately 1,700 mid-Victorian consumer items. Paperback, 158 pages. 
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 American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs   American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs
"Clothing of the Victorian era in turn delights and horrifies us. Billowing hoopskirts, modest poke bonnets, absurd and cumbersome bustles, dirt-collecting trains, painfully corseted wasp waists, leg-o-mutton sleeves, outrageous hats--one sartoial excess succeeded another. It was the last period in history of costume to display such incredible extravagance and impractality in dress." Over 280 rare photograohs depict American men, women and children of all ages, dressed in what must have been, in most cases, their Sunday best. By Priscilla harris Dalrymple. Paperback, 108 pages. 
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 Shoes, Hats And Fashion Accessories   Shoes, Hats And Fashion Accessories
A pictorial Archive 1850-1940. 2,020 Illustrations Selected and Arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton. More than 2,000 meticulously rendered black and white illustrations have been carefully culled form such periodicals as Harper's Bazaar, London Illustrated News, La Mode Illustree, The Delineator, and Life, as well as fashion catalogs from Jordan, Marsh & Co., Holden Artistic Footwear, and other merchants. Included are copyright free images of high-topped Victorian footwear, elegant hats, and parasols; beaded handbags and hosiery from the early twentieth century; stylish high-healed evening shoes and elbow-length gloves form the 1920s, and much more. Paperback, 123 pages. 
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 I See By Your Outfit   I See By Your Outfit
Historic cowboy gear of the Northern Plains. Cowboys! We love the Legend. But what did they use for their work? No Hollywood flim-flam or arty photographic re-creation here. Lindmier and Mount demonstrate through the use of historic photographs what actual working cowboys of the Northern Plains wore and what equipment they used. By Tom Lindmier and Steve Mount. Paperback, 173 pages. 
 $19.95  Buy Now 
 59 Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns   59 Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns
The dressmaker's patterns for the more than 50 different garments included in this volume first appeared in the 1890s in issues of the quarterly The Voice of Fashion. Most of the patterns are for stylish day wear for women, but there are house dresses and nightwear as well, along with a selection of suits and dresses for young boys and girls and several garments for men. By Kristina Harris. Paperback, 140 pages. 
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 Woman in the Nineteenth Century   Woman in the Nineteenth Century
A woman of many gifts, Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) is most aptly remembered as American's first true feminist. In her brief yet fruitful life, she was variously author, editor, literary and social critic, journalist, poet, and revolutionary. She was also one of the few female members of the prestigious Transcendentalist movement, whose ranks included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and many other prominent New England intellectuals of the day. As co-editor of the transcendentalist journal, The Dial, Fuller was able to give voices to her groundbreaking social critique on woman's place in society, the genesis of the book that was later to become Woman in the Nineteenth Century. Published in 1843, this essay was entitled "The Great Lawsuit: Man versus Men, Woman versus Women." Paperback, 132 pages. 
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 Three years on the plains   Three years on the plains
History has its heroes and its villains, but most of all it has its witnesses. As post chaplain at Fort D. A. Russell in Wyoming Territory from 1867 to 1870, the Reverend Edmund B. Tuttle was an eyewitness to the evolving relationship between the U.S. Army and American Indians on the northern high plains, particularly the Lakota (Sioux), the Northern Cheyennes, and the Northern Arapahos. In 1873, he wrote about his experiences, along with events derived from other sources. By Edmund Tuttle, Foreword By Jerome A Greene. Paperback also available for $19.95 Please call 1-800 number. 
 $29.95  Buy Now 
 Traditional Dress   Traditional Dress
Take a fascinating look at the clothing styles of 19th and early 20th century Native Americans and learn what influenced their dress--environment, cultural tradition, status, and perhaps most intruguing, dreams and visions. Over 50 vintage photographs show the diversity of styles worn by Native People of various regions--from formal ceremonial regalia to everday combinations of Native and western pioneer garments. Most of the items described here are accompanied by illustrated instructions for recreating authentic apparel at home. 
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 Give Your Heart to the Hawks   Give Your Heart to the Hawks
A tribute to the mountian men. For more than thirty years, from the time of Lewis and Clark into the 1840s, the mountian men explored the Great American West. As trappers in a hostile, trackless land, they opened the gates of the mountains for the wagon trains of pioneers who followed them. Paperback, 336 pages. 
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 Jim Bridger   Jim Bridger
"Already a classic, Jim Bridger moves into the ranks of the master pieces of mountain men literature. Would that all of this reckless breed had been seved so well by thier biographers as Mr. Alter serves Jim... For everybody who is interested in the real West and the real Him Bridger this biograohy...is a must."-- California Historical Society Quarterly. By J. Cecil Alter. Paperback, 358 pages. 
 $19.95  Buy Now 
 Victorian Children Paper Dolls   Victorian Children Paper Dolls
Recreate a wonderful world of Victorian childhood with the beautiful paper dolls in this collection. Included are two dolls (boy and girl) and an extencive wardrobe of 29 costumes typical of children's apparel of the day. By Evelyn Gathings. Paperback in 16 plates. 
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 A Dictionary of Lace   A Dictionary of Lace
Baffled by such terms as alb flounce, bullet-hole net, lappets, winkie pin, and spangles? Curious about the designs and origins of Chantilly, Egyptian, Hardanger, and dozens of other laces? If so, then this book is for you! It's a highly practical dictionary of lace containing over 400 entries that not only provide generally accepted definitions of such lace-related terms as reticella, honiton, guipure, Tuscan filet, duchesse, and inishmacsaint, but also discuss opment of the more controversal forms. By Pat Earnshaw. Paperback, 239 pages. 
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 Children's Fashions of the Past   Children's Fashions of the Past
In the first collection ever devoted to this once popular art form, 165 characteristic studio photographs portray American and European children from the 1860's to the 1920's. A few of the shots come from famous studios (Joseph Albert in Munich; Mora in New York) but most are the work of anonymous or little know photographers from all parts of the world. Many of these shots by 137 photographers reflect centuries-old concepts of the child as miniature adult. Various young gentlemen appear in their best sailor suits; one poses with pince-nez, pipe, and newspaper, another with bowler hat and watch chain. Tiny girls, in ruffles and bonnets, decorously hold their brothers' hands. The entire range of youthful fashion is displayed and preserved in front of mock beach scenes, fishing boats, rock formations and pastoral views. Edited by Alison Mager. Paperback, 164 pages. 
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 How the West Was Worn   How the West Was Worn
Did you know that pioneer women sewed lead in their hems to keep their dresses from billowing on the trail? Or that hatless men had to wear bonnets to protect their eyes from the scorching sun? From old familiar Levi's to the short-lived "instant dress elevator," How The West Was Worn examines the sometimes bizarre, often beautiful, and highly inventive, clothing of the Old West. You'll learn how a cowboy's home state determined the way he wore his pants and hat, as well as how to distinguish one Indian tribe from another by their moccasins. Meet John B. Stetson, leading maker of cowboy hats; Adah Menken, whose flesh-colored nylon costume left an audience gasping at her underwear; and Amelia Jenks Bloomer, the promoter of--you guessed it--the bloomer. By Chris Enss. Paperback, 127 pages. 
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If 3 – 7 – 77 was written on your tent flap, wagon or door the Vigilantes were warning you to leave town or else. Some argue the 3 – 7 – 77 was a Masonic code for the group.

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Victorian and Edwardian Fashion A Photographic Survey
Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques
English Children's Costume 1775-1920
Bloomingdale's Illustrated 1886 Catalog
Calico Chronicle
English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century
Everyday Dress Of Rural America, 1783-1800
The History Of Underclothes
Traditional Dress
59 Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns
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